Friday, May 13, 2016

37 Must-Try Ideas for TRAVELING WITH KIDS!!

Road trip season is upon us and although the destination will be fantastic, the loooong drive there isn’t always so…um, perfect.  We are headed to a few places this summer and even though we have a DVD player, even that gets boring after 3 consecutive movies!  (Ask me how I know……ha! ;) )  My kids are all different ages (9, 7, 5, and almost 2) but they all need stimulation in different ways while sitting on those little bums hour after hour.  So, I’ve been looking for and collecting different ideas to help entertain them, but also to keep everyone comfortable throughout the duration of the trip!  And you guys, if you have any children at all…..I have found some AWESOME ideas that maybe you’ll be excited about too!  I can’t wait to start gathering supplies and tools and get going on this trip.  Because suddenly 5-6 total days of driving in a car doesn’t sound so overwhelming!

Want to see what I’ve found??? Hopefully they’ll help you with your summer travels with kids too! :)

Here are 37 Must-Try Ideas For Traveling With Kids!


37 Must-Try Ideas for TRAVELING WITH KIDS!! | via


Kids Travel Kit Binder via Living Well Mom



Velcro Building Sticks via Powerful Mothering



Bucket Pulley System via Kids Activities Blog



DIY Travel Activity Book via Mama Papa Bubba



Lego Travel Case via Amazon




Stick Art Kit with Free Printables via HowDoesShe

Clever car ideas 4


U.S. Road Trip Atlas and Activity Book via Amazon



No-Sew Zipper Cases via Make It and Love It



Reacher Grabber Hand (for passing snacks/toys back to kids!) via Amazon



Finger Puppet FREE Printables via Easy Peasy and Fun



Travel Toy and Activity Kit via Amazon



Classic Barrel Lanyards via So, I Make Stuff

Clever car ideas 20


Mini Condiment Containers (for storing extra pacifiers for baby) via Amazon



DIY I Spy Bottle via Meet the Dubiens

Clever car ideas 13


Snack and Play Travel Tray via Amazon

Clever car ideas 12



Upcycled Snack Containers via Mrs Happy Homemaker

Clever car ideas 10


Travel Bingo via Simple as That

Clever car ideas 9


Travel Neck Pillow via Amazon

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Road Trip Binder for Kids via Gluesticks

Clever car ideas 8


Backseat Car Organizer via Amazon

Clever car ideas 11


Printable Sewing Cards via Kids Activities Blog

Clever car ideas 6


Portable Child Potty/Urinal (…for those emergencies while traveling or camping!) via Amazon




Simple Paper Towel Roll Matching Games via Mamas Like Me

Clever car ideas 7


Marble Mazes via Twin Dragonfly Designs

Clever car ideas 2



Magnetic Hangman Game via Amazon




Count and Sort Shoebox Game via The Imagination Tree

Clever car ideas 5


DIY Craft Stick Puzzles via Plain Vanilla Mom

Clever car ideas 3


Magnetic Farm Toddler Activity via Unoriginal Mom

Clever car ideas 1


Story in a Bag via HowDoesShe

Clever car ideas 22


Magnet Pattern Blocks via Make It & Love It

Clever car ideas 21


Perler Bead Bracelets via Craft and Creativity

Clever car ideas 19


Pipe cleaner princess crowns via One Charming Party

Clever car ideas 18


Pipe cleaner and yarn crafts via Bloesem Kids

Clever car ideas 17


Quiet Book Patterns via HowDoesShe

Clever car ideas 16


Easy Baggie Maze via Powerful Mothering

Clever car ideas 15


Magnetic Puzzles via Life Through My Eyes

Clever car ideas 14


Travel Luggage for Kids via Amazon


37 Must-Try Ideas for TRAVELING WITH KIDS!!


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