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Apparel Logos We Love and Why They Work So Well


With so many clothing brands saturating the apparel market, having a well-designed logo is more important than ever. In addition to helping your brand stand out, a logo tells your brand story and creates a memorable, emotional connection with current and future customers.

To learn what makes a logo effective, read the stories these clothing and apparel logos have to tell.


Originally known for its lightweight, seersucker suits, Haspel makes menswear inspired by class and tradition. The brand has been making a mark in the world of men’s suits since 1909, and continues to grow. Haspel’s logo pays homage to its tradition with an art-deco font, much like the text that graced theaters and speakeasy menus in early 20th century America. In cerulean blue, the logo also represents the blue skies and waters of New Orleans, where it was founded.

Shift to Nature

Shift to Nature is an Australian company that sources organic, non-toxic materials for its apparel and home goods offerings. Bamboo, hemp and recycled materials take center stage in Shift to Nature’s clothing, proving the feasibility of eco-friendly slow fashion. This brand’s cross hatch logo represents the interwoven elements of people, nature and the clothes we wear and discard. The multiple shades of purple used in the logo design represent calm, luxury and safety all at once.

Fresh Brewed Tees

This Cleveland-themed apparel company is an Ohio resident’s go-to spot for clothing that boasts hometown pride. The Fresh Brewed Tees italic logo is straightforward, memorable and reminiscent of a local baseball rec league. While it seems basic at first, the no-fuss black and white text logo actually has a deeper strategy: it can be easily transferred to different colors.

This allows Fresh Brewed Tees to switch up its logo’s color scheme in light of certain sporting events or other local occasions. This customization helps cater to its customers and is especially effective for social media.


YSTR is an up and coming fashion brand that’s fighting fast fashion through ethically-made subscription clothing delivery. Customers can sign up for one of three tiers and have a box of eco-friendly, fashionable clothes sent to their house each month. The YSTR logo features bold, capitalized text that stands out and is easy to remember. The large lettering also reinforces the fact that the company has an unapologetic mission: zero waste fashion.  

Hawaiian Island Creations

Hawaiian Island Creations (HIC) began as a neighborhood Oahu surf shop in 1971. Since then, the retail company has expanded to fourteen stores across three islands. The success of HIC can be attributed to the company’s high quality gear and customer service, with a dose of aloha spirit.

This attitude is reflected in the company’s colorful logo, which depicts the ocean waves, the island and the sunshine in an ombre red circle. The transitioning red color suggests the heat of the sun and the island while symbolizing the strength, courage and passion that often go hand in hand with surfing.


Embodying the creative, forward-thinking generation, Vissla creates swim and surf wear for the modern millennial. The artistic V of the Vissla logo symbolizes this mindset with an arrow-like shape that represents growth and innovation. Both sides of the V are joined at the point with a dot that looks like two boards nailed together. This supports the brand’s ideals of craftsmanship, quality and originality.


A-Line is a handcrafted leather jacket company that features custom patchwork. The creator of A-Line jackets wants to redefine who wears leather jackets by swapping out classic black leather for bright colors and embroidery.

The logo represents this idea in a few ways. First, it has an extended A that suggests movement and draws the eye sideways. This is a nod to the motorcycle groups who first popularized leather jackets on the road. Second, the A is far enough from the word “Line” that it implies the idea of a departure or reinvention.



Alltimers is an offbeat skatewear brand that doesn’t hold back from creating bold, outlandish designs. Alltimers draws inspiration from 90’s pop culture, making it a millennial skateboarder’s best friend. The logo is a simple martini glass outline with a single olive and italic script sketched across. This combination feels much like an old bowling league or neighborhood dive bar — a reliable establishment you can trust.

Vitamin A Swim

Vitamin A Swim creates flattering women’s swimwear inspired by travel, modern art and the laid back California style. Vitamin A uses digital manufacturing techniques that conserve electricity and water, and the brand has begun creating products from recycled materials. In alignment with its sustainable values, Vitamin A’s logo shows a sideways A that doubles as an arrow in a mirror-like design. With two arrows pointing inward, Vitamin A’s logo represents reuse and continuity.

Grown & Sewn

Grown & Sewn is a USA-made brand rooted in American workmanship, heritage and culture. The Grown and Sewn logo embraces the transparency and authenticity of American-made goods, with a classic font that’s equal parts familiar, sophisticated and approachable. The dark maroon ampersand emphasizes the values of the company and contrasts against the lower case letters of grown and sewn. Finally, the asymmetrical stitch line design anchors the text and balances out the traditional serif with a homemade feel.

Horses Cut Shop

Horses Cut Shop crafts vintage-inspired T-shirts emblazoned with the logos of America’s small businesses. A portion of the proceeds from each product goes to support the business that the merchandise represents, bridging fashion with local economies.

Horses Cut Shop’s logo symbolizes its mission through vintage script and a crimson plaque, evoking the aura of old-school jean and T-shirt shops. With a simple logo design that can be printed on a shirt with ease, the logo embodies the authentic spirit of the businesses it represents.


Founded by a woman surfer, Seea is a swimwear brand specifically designed to help women surfers feel stylish, feminine and comfortable in and out of the water. The name Seea represents the musicality, beauty and enjoyment of surfing the ocean waves.

Likewise, the Seea logo assumes a dramatic curved S that embraces feminine, organic forms in a fun and approachable way. The Seea brand strikes a balance between form and function, and its scripted logo text assumes the same laid back feeling.

Hackwith Design House

Hackwith Design House strives to make each of its clothing pieces unique. Seamstresses at the Minnesota-based studio make most apparel after its been ordered, relying on a simple, clean aesthetic and quality fabrics to create items that last. Hackwith’s playful logo shows the brand’s commitment to creativity and one of kind clothing. From the off-kilter K, to the missing bar in the A, Hackwith’s logo is just the right amount of quirky without losing its sophistication.


Fair Trade Winds

Fair Trade Winds supports small scale artisans across the globe by selling their merchandise through an online platform. Fair Trade Winds prides itself on selling products crafted with traditional techniques that evoke culture and history.

The Fair Trade Winds logo features four feather-like shapes reaching out in all directions to create a compass. The four colors of the logo, yellow, red, green and blue, represent nature and diversity — things that the company’s sustainable business model protects.

NUX Active

NUX Active makes seamless activewear that’s fashionable and comfortable while providing freedom to move. NUX is rooted in the idea of mindful activewear, and their brand story promotes a lifestyle of peace, compassion and humility. The NUX logo looks similar to a moving body, with four limb-like lines reaching outward within a diamond. The effect continues even as it’s rotated, creating a 360-degree effect.

Mini Mioche

This eco-friendly, organic clothing company creates kids apparel and accessories. The Canadian company specializes in making soft basics for kids aged newborn to six years old, with each piece made from start to finish in Canada.

The Mini Mioche logo is slightly scripted yet not italicized, echoing friendliness and transparency. Mini Mioche plays off the term mini me, reinforcing the fact that it’s clothing for kids. When the logo is shortened to two Ms, the arm that joins the letters is reminiscent of two people holding hands.

Wallis Evera

Wallis Evera takes sustainable fashion to new heights by creating all-natural clothing made from hemp. The company’s goal is to spark inspiration about using hemp to reduce the fashion industry’s footprint. Wallis Evera’s logo is bright, clean and aptly shaped. The logo suggests the shape of a hemp plant while boasting clean, minimalist lines that leave room for interpretation.

The Good Company

The Good Company is a NYC-based streetwear brand that sells classic, colorful apparel. From hats and tees to long sleeve shirts and jackets, most of The Good Company’s clothing features a company logo, slogan or signature image. Its logo draws from scripts of the 70’s and 80’s, giving a classic and authentic feel. It’s also asymmetrical and mimics a hand-painted sign, solidifying the essence of community.

Images by: tookapic, Anna_Bella, Hans Braxmeier

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Cutting Edge Clothing: Eco-Conscious, Tech-Minded, Seriously Stylish Fashion Startups


From department stores to online retailers, there’s no shortage of stylish, designer clothing in the world.

But beyond malls and downtown shopping strips, there exists a wealth of creative entrepreneurs redefining the fashion industry. From eco-friendly dresses and organic cotton, to handmade jeans and custom suits, here are 20 clothing startups to put on your radar.



Wishing that dress shirts had more than three sizes? Stantt at your service. This clothing startup scanned real life body types in 3D to generate 200,000 measurements and 75 custom sizes. Shoppers only have to scan in their arm, waist and chest size to find the custom shirt for them. Stantt also sends customers a free measuring kit which helps ensure that sizing is consistent across orders.


Nineteenth Amendment

Nineteenth Amendment seeks to tell the story of up and coming designers and manufacturers. The online platform allows independent designers to sell directly to customers — without traditional inventory requirements. In addition to giving designers an audience for their work, customers gain affordable, first-person access to designers and their exclusive fashions. Nineteenth Amendment also believes in transparency, and their sustainable retail model and local manufacturers support this idea.



These wrinkle-free, quick drying dress clothes stay clean and sharp no matter where you take them. Bluffworks pants are equipped with hidden security pockets and a phone or passport pocket, all in machine washable materials. The apparel is designed to withstand travel, athletics and a long day at work, effectively redefining pants and suit jackets through comfort and style.


Wabi Sabi

This contemporary womenswear brand is on a mission to bring eco-fashion to the masses. Wabi Sabi steers away from the toxic petrochemicals currently used, avoiding all synthetic, chemical and artificial materials. The earth conscious brand also uses 100 percent recycled plastic and packaging, recycling all production and shipping materials when possible.



Cuyana is a women’s clothing startup company focused on the lean closet movement. Rather than buying a new clothing item every time you’re invited to an event, this movement centers on the idea of buying high quality clothing pieces that last longer. Cuyana’s philosophy is that fewer, better things lead to a more fulfilling life. By focusing on craftsmanship, premium materials and lifestyle, Cuyana differs from average clothing companies centered around short term trends.



Modavanti is another clothing startup with a focus on eco-friendly fashion. Modavanti unites sustainably-minded, activist designers with conscious consumers who want to make a difference through their purchasing habits. From cruelty-free dresses to organic, non-toxic lifestyle wear, Modavanti has all the do-good clothing options you can dream of. The company also has a clothing recycling program, where customers can send in their old clothing and receive $20 in store credit.


Mott and Bow

This high quality denim company creates one of a kind jeans with a custom wash formula. Many of Mott and Bow’s popular jean styles have a resin application, where each jean is either sprayed with or dunked into a resin mix that creates a unique look and feel. All resin coated jeans are pre-cured and cured in an oven and then hand scraped, giving a distressed look that varies in material and intensity.




Kniterate is a digital knitting machine that brings small scale knitting production to studios, makerspaces, schools and more. Kniterate allows anyone to create their own sweaters, scarves, beanies and other knitted apparel through a simple, user-friendly software program. The computer controlled machine takes the hassle out of manual knitting and makes it easier and more affordable for designers to create work.



Trumaker is a menswear brand that builds custom shirts and suits. The ideal customer is men who like to look stylish, yet don’t want to endure the hassle of shopping. Customers complete a short style quiz, and stylists at Trumaker hand pick and ship items for easy try on. Trumaker prides itself on making luxury clothing accessible through personalized service and superior quality.


Topo Designs

If you’re looking for stylish, high-quality outdoor and adventure gear that you can count on, look no further than Topo Designs. All of Topo’s apparel is made in the USA and boasts ethical, sustainable manufacturing practices. Topo operates on the belief that all clothing is part of a story, and their colorful, standout designs display this creative mission.


Wool and Prince

Who knew wool could be lightweight and comfortable? Wool and Prince uses superfine wool to make naturally odor and wrinkle resistant clothing that’s six times more durable than ordinary cotton. Wool and Prince clothes are so durable that they eliminate the need for frequent washing, dry cleaning and ironing — all processes that significantly age a shirt. In fact, the Wool and Prince founder wore a shirt for 100 days straight without washing or ironing it, and when the story when viral, the brand sold 3000 shirts in two days.


Blank Label

Blank Label is a custom menswear company specializing in classic style formal wear. The apparel company follows a customer’s order instructions on measurements and preferences to to create custom fit shirts, polos, suits, pants, denim and outerwear. Customers can visit a Blank Label store or place their order online, and clothing is shipped directly to the buyer in one to three weeks.


Endangered Apparel

For every shirt, hoodie or piece of clothing purchased, Endangered Apparel donates 20 percent of its profits to an animal sanctuary. The clothing company was started by two American animal activists who wanted to make a difference in preserving the natural world. Endangered Apparel works alongside The Elephant Sanctuary, The Australian Koala Foundation, Smithsonian National Zoological Park and Big Cat Rescue to help save the lives of endangered animals.


Ratio Clothing

Ratio Clothing is a Denver-based apparel company committed to crafting well-fitting, American-made clothing at an affordable price. The all-custom clothing company is rooted in personalization and perfection, and the clothing is aimed at the casual, versatile professional man. Another goal of this conscious clothing company is to stimulate local communities by establishing powerful manufacturing bases.



Acustom Apparel

Acustom Apparel takes custom fitting to a new level. The company uses digital measuring techniques to create a 3D body model. Combined with data points and fit preferences, the digital tool creates an algorithm that leads to the perfect fit. Acustom Apparel also makes it easy to customize small details on a shirt, like cuff designs, stick colors and lapel styles. Creating a design takes just 15 minutes and customers can have their garments shipped to them anywhere in the world.


JL The Brand

This premium sock company began with a group of friends who wanted high-quality, American-made socks. JL The Brand uses American Pima cotton — a type of cotton that produces softer, finer knits. Socks from JL the Brand are colorful and creative, featuring sock designs with stars, stripes, polka dots and even chili peppers.


Crane and Lion

This Boston-based clothing startup is designed to empower active, fashionable women with clothing that transitions across daily occasions. Crane and Lion’s athleisure clothing taps into modern fashion trends while optimizing movement, comfort and support. The company’s name comes from two key poses in yoga that, when combined, embody the balance of power and relaxation.


Wear Your Label

Wear Your Label is a mission-driven apparel company focused on creating conversations around mental health. With the motto “It’s okay to not be okay,” Wear Your Label seeks to end stigmas around mental health and create a more accepting culture. The company also delivers 10 percent of its profits to mental health initiatives and partners with charities to instill change in society. Another unique aspect of Wear Your Label is that they’ve removed guys and girls clothing sections from their website, thereby creating more safe spaces for transgender youth online.


Brass Clothing

Founded by two best friends who wanted more affordable, sophisticated fashion options, Brass Clothing crafts high quality pieces that are gentler on the environment than fast fashion. By creating long lasting, foundational pieces for women, Brass Clothing achieves a more sustainable fashion model. Brass Clothing’s product promise centers around beauty, quality, versatility, ease and purpose.



Criquet was born from a desire to find the perfect polo shirt. This Austin-based menswear brand is inspired by classic, iconic American styles and created for the man who is equal parts preppy, sporty and casual. All of Criquets shirts use organic cotton and source local materials, like a third-generation Texas shirtmaker. In addition to selling club shirts, polos and button downs, Criquet also sells shoes, golf accessories and a variety of hats.

Images by: Pexels, Claudio Scott, 3179289

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